Goodbye Outreachy Internship, Hello New Beginnings

My Outreachy internship has officially ended. It’s a bittersweet ending to a great beginning. What I Have Accomplished During My Internship My internship tasks centered around bug-fixing and updating documentation for the LibreHealth EHR application. I worked on troubleshooting existing and newly discovered bugs in the LibreHealth EHR software that existed in the front-end and … Continue reading Goodbye Outreachy Internship, Hello New Beginnings

Career Goals: A Short Reflection

My current career goal is to find a full-time position as a full-stack developer. I equally enjoy both front-end and back-end development and have experience in both. Before my Outreachy internship, I interned at a small start-up as a developer intern and graduated from college with Bachelors in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, through which … Continue reading Career Goals: A Short Reflection

Modifying Expectations: Outreachy Midpoint Review

It’s hard to believe that I’ve reached the halfway point of my Outreachy internship with LibreHealth. I’m not ready for this experience to end. Since my internship doesn’t consist of a specific project, I started my internship with these two project goals outlined: 1) fix issues within the LibreHealth EHR software and 2) create new … Continue reading Modifying Expectations: Outreachy Midpoint Review